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[IP] stopping NPH

When I started on the pump 3 months ago there was noone to advise me,
I basically did it all myself.

I just had to collect the infusion sets from the nurse who showed me how
to put them in,

Anyway, what I did was this. I took my usual NPH the night
before. Since my appt with the nurse was until about 5pm, I took my
usual NPH in the morning. When I hooked up, I took a very low basal
rate (0.1 I think) for the first 3 huors, until it was time for my
next shot of NPH at 8pm. at this time i increased the basal rate to
something like 0.5, which was my starting basal for the first few
days. This worked perfectly fo rme. But if you are getting hooked up
in the am, I would skip the morning NPH of course. 

Bear in mind that the NPH can hang around in your system for a LONG
time. In the first 24-36 hours there will still be a lot left. After
that, some may still be present for up to a week. 

Good luck
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