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[IP] what not to say to diabetic children

My parents were pretty good in that they let me deal with everything
myself and kept a low profile. 
Occasionally they would "suggest" something I should do.
But the one thing that would drive me amd would be that they would ask
me if I was hypo all the time, especialyl if I was quiet. Now, of
course, most of the time when they asked they were right, but I always
said no, because if I said yes they would get mad at me for sitting
there and not telling them I was hypo and waiting until they asked!
but since I really was hypo, I would then have to pretend I wasn't and
try and eat my glucose tabs without them noticing! Of course, they
knew what was going on most of the time, and so that made them worse and they would ask
more often. Because they let me deal with my DM myself, if I went hypo
I would feel like it was my fault so I didn't like to admit it. this
was when I was aged about 7-8. They gradually got better about it.

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