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Re: [IP] silhouettes

<<About every other time I insert a sil, I feel like it won't go in...>>

	I went through the sil/tender/comforts "leather skin" routine, too, 
and discovered that my problem was twofold: 
1)  I was slathering on the IV Prep like it was icing on a cake, creating a 
tough barrier to the insertion site.  My first solution:  Continue slathering 
but avoid the actual area where the insertion needle will penetrate.  My 
second and improved solution:  just swipe the area once or twice.  That stuff 
is think and s-t-i-c-k-y.  Just because there's a teaspoon of liquid in each 
packet doesn't mean you have to use it all!
2)  Even though I knew that 6 foot needle would only hurt for a second or 
two, I was horrified to stick it in my very own personal belly.  Solution:  
Numb the area with a baggie with an ice cube in it for 3-5 minutes before 
insertion.  I ice, then wipe w/ IV Prep, let it dry, then *painlessly* do the 
	I haven't had any more problems with bent needles or scary, painful 
insertions since I started doing this.  Good luck to you.  I hope this helps. 
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