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Re: [IP] Tearing my hair out over carb counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

	When I started counting carbs (about a year before I went on the 
pump) I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at the myriad of carb counting 
books available.  The one I chose was Carbohydrates, Calories & Fat in Your 
Food by Dr. Art Ulene.  For about a month, this book and I were inseparable 
as I weighed my portions at home, guessed on the weights when eating out, and 
figured out the carb levels of homemade foods.  I understand what you're 
going through.  You feel as if it's punishment just to EAT.  And it makes it 
too easy to grab for that "known quantity" in pre-packaged foods with their 
nutritional values all spelled out.  After a few weeks of this time-consuming 
regimen, carb counting gets to be second nature, and you are able to enjoy a 
meal without consulting your 700 page book between bites.
	Many restaurants and fast food places have nutritional info available 
in brochures or online.  When you're eating out, it is very difficult to 
gauge the carb value simply because you don't know what you're eating, and 
restaurant food is often full of fat and sugar and everything else that makes 
your bg's soar.  
	I made a ring-bound index card flip book, with a card for each letter 
of the alphabet.  On each card I listed foods that I eat often (at home or in 
a restaurant) and MY usual serving size with the corresponding carb value.  I 
carried that in my purse for months.  Now I'm pretty good at guesstimating 
just about everything.  It just takes time.  And you are learning carb 
counting and pumping simultaneously....an awesome feat!  Hang in there.  It's 
going to take a lot of time for the first few weeks, but it won't be long 
before you're looking at a meal and calculating the carbs in just a few 
	Just check your bg often and fine tune your levels with glucose tabs 
or a bolus.  It's a piece of cake...WITH icing!  I hope this helps you get 
through a *stressful* time!  Karen
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