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[IP] Re: Lisa - day at the beach

Lisa -
My 20 year old daughter is at this moment on vacation with friends in Mexico. 
got a panic call last night from her -- seems they were on the beach -- they 
far from the water -- a sudden, huge wave came up the beach -- it must have 
been very
strong and large -- it completely knocked the canula out of her, (she has 
never had
the canula come out unless she pulled it out) and totally soaked her pump and
filled it with sand.  I called the 800 # for minimed and they gave us 
on trying to dry out the pump (no heat) and clean out the sand. The salt 
water is
especially corrosive.  A new pump will be waiting for her on Tuesday  AM when 
returns to northern CA.  (we live in Michigan.)  I paged her endo and got 
instructions - fortunately she took a few syringes with her.  Bottom line is 
her pump appears to be delivering her basal insulin but she cannot read the 
as it is totally wet underneath, so she can't tell what mode she is in or how 
units she may be programming for a bolus.  We aren't even sure the pump still 
the set basal rates in it.  (We are hoping for the best there).  Now she must 
every 1-2 hours and take injections for food.  She has no long acting insulin 
her.  What a mothers nightmare this is.  I am amazed at how resilient the 
pump is -
but beware - near water and sand - you never know what might happen.  I 
suggest getting & USING the sport gaurd case available for the minimed - 
must have something similar.  Also - I strongly recommend carrying a syringe 
or two
at all times - this is the only thing that saved my daughter from a total
disaster.  Go to the beach and fun - but go prepared.
Jessi's very distraught Mom - Jo
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