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[IP] hi ya'all

I'm Tammy again. I'm 22 from MN and have been using 
the pump for around 2 years now... Disetronic... (no 
wait, it has been 3 years! wow!) I've had diabetes for 
15 years.

I guess i haven't been too good with my pump.. i was 
so good on the shots.. don't get me wrong, i love the 
pump, the freedom to just push a button... eat what i 
want when i want it... but ... well... 4 months ago i lost my 
health insurance... i went without insurance for that long... 
till now! well, haven't been seeing my doctor... got 
frustrated... I mean, the doctors in my area know nearly 
nothing about the pump so I have to call the cities..   
and they're always so busy...

I've been reading what people have been saying for 
several days now here, and I'm really thinkin I'm glad 
I've found you. I thought I knew my stuff till I hear what 
you've been saying... I think you could help me.  hearin 
about your determination... and some problems... helps
 me to remember to take care of my own blood sugar 

This summer I'll be working at camp needlepoint in 
Wisconsin... for kids with diabetes. I'll be a counselor 
(anyone else going ta that camp from here???)  ta help 
others with diabetes... but it's kinda frustratin in a way... 
I mean, when I go ta camp, I'm still different cuz I've the 
pump... others take shots, I push a button. It's fun to 
show off, but I've questions... and I just wanna talk 
without havin ta explain myself.

thank you for your encouragement.  well, I just got 
covered with medical assistance again... so I'm planin 
another doctor appointment. wanna get my basals under 
control... I could skip some meals ta do it.... or really 
watch what I eat.  hope it works this time... and I hope I 
keep up with it.  I've been waitin for camp, straiten in the 
middle of august, but think I'd better start now... I mean, 
I wanna have many children... I wanna be a healthy 
mom... a healthy person.... a healthy wife. a good 
example to other diabetics...

havin the pump sure is frustratin when it seems no one 
can help you. thank you. I've started excercising daily... 
hmm... I'll try testin b4 meals... (and maybe 2 hrs after... 
like at snack times)... and eatin the same number of carb 
choices and at the same times.  may skip a meal hear 
or there ta see my numbers. am I doin it right?

another ?.... my Disetronic... well... it seems every 
time i take it in water the water leaks in... even with the 
red cover ta make it waterproof. i have been pushin it on..
 and screwin everything in tight. how often do i replace 
the cover the holds the cartrige in?  it's happened with a 
few pumps... they can't be cracked.. not all of em.... 
what am i doing wrong???

and is anyone using their arms for infusion sites??? 
I've though bout it... wonderin if it's workin for anyone 
out there...

ok, that's it for now... sorry if I've bored ya, but it's neat
 ta finally talk with ya'all....

God bless you all... you're wonderful!

and sara, I loved your thing bout the idea of relationships 
btwn pumpers... still makes me smile!

thanks again for encouragin me... (and for puttin up 
with the idea that i don't like caps and do love to abbreviate 
and spell... well, not always like other would spell :) )

take care,
hopin ta hear from ya,


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