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[IP] HMO ogres want proof of hypo ER visits; well, I never!

Here is a plea for advice on dealing with apparently delaying tactics of
American HMO.

My insurance company promised on Friday that I would have an answer on my
doc's order for a pump no later than today (Monday). Instead, the insurance
person I'm dealing with, called and said they want faxed to them
documentation of my diabetes emergency room visits.  My husband picked up
the message from her on our VM at home( yes, I've been all over their asses,
everyone in my doc's office, the hospital and the insurance company hates me
now for the pest I am) She specified that they want my hypoglycemic
emergency room visits.
    Well, I don't have any.
Twice in my life, paramedics have dealt with me but I have (I think
fortunately) never
passed out. I don't think avoiding loss of consciousness due to hypoglycemia
is the only reason for a pump.
    I gets worse.. It turns out I don't have a shred of documentation for
the time I was admitted to ER and ICU in Mexico City with dehydration so bad
I would start vomiting every time I swallowed because my throat was
sandpaper dry. I only have a bill to prove I was treated two years ago here
in Chicago for the same thing (although I didn't wait for it to get as bad
that time. I only spent 23 hours in observation.)

  Help. I need your advice. What can I send them? Should I draft a letter
explaining my need? Spam them with non emergency hospital visits for eye
surgery test, etc.? I don't think my Endo was very adamant  (I think she
"recommended" the pump) and for all I know she made hypos the reason.  I
want to deal with this immediately but I get the digest which comes in
chunks so if you wouldn't mind cc-ing anything you post to my email which of
course is email @ redacted that would arrive a little sooner.

Thanks a trillion, in advance.

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