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Re: [IP] Silhouettes

Hi Isabelle -

I have only been on a pump since January 17th this year, but when 3
soft-sets failed in tow  or three weeks, (but NO silhouettes failed!) then I
knew what I had to do.  I returnd all my soft-sets (but had to PAY for
silhouettes).  I think you're absoilutely right!!  I could not count on
softsets to work - and at the end, I had changed sets about 10:00 the night
before, but when I got to work at 6:30, the darned thing started to beep and
by 7:00 it sounded like an air raid siren, and I had to leave work and go
home and change it.  YES!  They DO stay in with that supposedly tiny amount
of tape!  At least for me, they do - and they stay hooked up everytime!  You
are right - they LOOK more intimidating, but are really LESS hard and less
stressful to put in , but you hasve to remember to give yourself a prime for
some amount that you put in!  For all the ease of installation, I would
still close to junk  the soft-set and then just put in the silhouette.  The
silhouettes are like miracles!!!!!

Take care, Jane-----Original Message-----
From: Isabelle Emery <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:40 AM
Subject: [IP] Silhouettes

>I'd like to thank everyone who shared their experiences with the
>silhouettes.  I've been on the pump for a month now and never had a problem
>with the infusion set comming out UNTIL yesterday I pulled out two infusion
>sets for no apparent reason.  As I am currently paying for these myself
>until I (hopefully) get some help from my insurance company I was very
>upset.  I had been reading on this chat line that the silhouettes stay in
>much better but they looked so intimidating to put in so I wa susing the
>soft-set inserter.  I had one silhouette that had been given to me as a
>sample and so I phoned Minimed and had them talk me through an insertion.
>It wasn't that bad and with what I know now I am sure it will be much
>better the next time.  The inserter needle looks and feels like a large
>darning needle but if I stick it in faster next time it wont hurt as much.
>The big surprise is how much more comfortable it is once it is in place.  I
>can press on it and it doesn't hurt, which I could not do with the sets
>that go in at 90 degrees.  I have only been wearing it one day so only time
>will tell if it stays in better.  If I hadn't heard so much about it on
>this chat line I doubt if I would have tried it.  Now I am sorry I have
>such a big stock of the old infusion sets to use up before I can buy more
>One question:  The Help Line said to remove the bottom part of the tape
>before inserting the needle, but I found that I messed up the tape when I
>did that.  Can I not leave both pieces of backing on the tape and Then
>remove the tape?  She had me stick on the tape that is folded back in front
>of the needle first, but it seemed to me that it might be easier to stick
>the bottom piece on first.
>Has anyone tried this?  I aslo placed extra sticky tape on top of the
>silhouette though the Help desk said that this wasn't necessary.  Will it
>really stay on with only that little patch of tape?
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