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[IP] fundraising, Mary Tyler Moore, and sorry for stepping on all those toes


To all the people I royally p***ed off with my post about Mary Tyler Moore and the
fundraising letters. . .
I am sorry to have offended some of you.  Perhaps I was not quite clear enough in
what I said or did not explain myself fully.  I recognize that we need money to
cure diabetes.  I recognize that certain kinds of publicity draw in money.  I
recognize that diabetes has horrific and insidious effects.  That said, I don't
want diabetics to be perceived as hopeless victims, and I don't want diabetics to
perceive themselves that way.  I think that perception is every bit as deadly as a
failing kidney.  I want people to be careful about how they portray diabetes to the
world, even in the name of fundraising for a cure.

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