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[IP] anti-pump doc

I HAD an endo (I've replace him), prominent in the diabetologists community
locally, who believes pumps are just "gadgets,'' that the same good control
can be achieved with MDI and careful carb counting. He believes
pump-manufacturers are out for $$ and that we who use pumps are gullible. He
also believes running a pump is too much work (calculations, etc) for most
people, who then end up discouraged, etc. He has patients on pumps, but
discouraged me, as I lived a rather...unpredictable...lifestyle.

I've only been pumping 5 weeks (w/ support of another endo). But I've also
found that now that perfection is possible -- or at least decent numbers are
possible -- I am MUCH more careful about what and how I eat....funny, since
most of you on the list mention freedom as a benifit.

For me, I feel less free now because I KNOW I can do much better w/ the
pump, and therefore must take more care to achieve that. On MDI, everything
was a crapshoot, so I often said, "What the hell...''


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