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Re: [IP] Pump misbehaving


A month or so ago, I thought my basal rate was set at 2.2 units per
hour, that is what I had written down in my log and that is what I
remember setting it at just a few days before.  

I was doing a random check and found that my basal was set at 2.0!  My
bg had been running a little high for a day or two....I thought I had
made a mistake and just set the basal wrong.

Well...now I'm thinking that I am really too careful to make such a
careless mistake.  I'm going to start reviewing my basals every morning
when I get up, and every night before I go to bed....if it happens
again, I'll have MiniMed check it out.

Thanks for sharing your experience with the list!

~Janet Marie who loves her brite bleu MiniMed 507C

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