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Re: [IP] Re: River rafting

> I am going rafting in August...the first time since having a pump. 
> I don't have a "waterproof" guard for my pump, and was wondering if
> anyone who spent a lot of time in the water could recommend one.  I
> have a MiniMed 507c.  I've heard comments from pumpers that nothing
> is really waterproof for the pump, so should I consider
> disconnecting for the day?  I don't want to soak my pump and ruin it
> due to my poor rafting abilities! Thanks, Jonelle
The pump would probably tolerate the dunking. But having watched 
rafters go over a class 3 / 4 falls and come out of the raft, you 
probably would not want it ripped off and have it sink to the bottom 
or get tossed yourself and land on something hard with the pump on 
the bottom -- crunch. The bottom of the rapids are littered with 
interesting stuff pulled off the folks who come unglued from their 
rafts. Put it in one of those small floatation bags with a lanyard 
tied to the boat -- at least it won't get lost. You can cover your 
basal needs with some regular and hook up when you bolus for lunch or 
snacks or "refreshments" along the way. Lily's pump stays on the 
beach when we "tube" on the river. Sometimes this is 3 - 4 hours at a 
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