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Re: [IP] RE: (IP) how much fat is too much

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<< So can you recommend a book to help please.. >>

Prior to starting on the pump, I was lucky enough to be able to start 
learning carbohydrate  counting to get me ready for the change in the way I 
planned  my eating.  The dietician gave me a series of books that were 
straightforward and easy to use. They are put out by the American Diabetes 
Association.  You might want to contact them and see if you can get copies.  
The titles are as follows:
Level 1 Carbohydrate counting/ Getting started
Level 2 Carbohydrate counting/ Moving on
Level 3 Carbohydrate counting/Using Carbohydrate-Insulin ratios
They cover all the possible methods for counting carbs (e.g. grams , carbo 
choices), eating out,fast foods, fats etc.  I found them to  extremely 
helpful and not as overwhelming as some of the other publications out there.  
To make life easier in the beginning my dietician recommended counting 
carbohydrate choices instead of grams .  15 grams of carbohydrates equals 1 
choice.  Using this method, I used the diabetes exchange list book to look up 
foods and determine  amounts based on the number of carbs i was alloted per 
meal.  Now that I understand the basics of carb  counting I am better at 
determining my boulus needs and guess what?  Most of the time it works!!! ( 
I'm still working on those other times :-)  .   I hope this is helpful  You 
may be able to get info on the above books at the ADA website or you can call 
the ADA at 1-800-232-3472.  

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