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Re: [IP] Stopping NPH

> Kelly's starting on insulin on Wed.  How far in advance did those of
> you using NPH stop it?  I  expected her last dose to be at least 48
> hours out, supplementing during that time by dividing the total
> daily NPH units by 4, and then administering this dosage of Regular
> every 6 hours. The doctor says to just withold the NPH the night
> before.  Is this standard?  We're all excited about starting.  Just
> in time for Kelly's 6th birthday!
The doctor's advise is what has typically been reported on the list 
for all the pump starts I can think of. I like your plan better and 
know that it works OK since Lily has gone as long as three days once 
using this technique (her pump drowned on a three day weekend). She 
didn't want any NPH and had "perfect" bgs using only reqular which 
she shot for basal and calculated for meals just like a bolus. She 
shot every 4 -5 hours, once in the middle of the night.

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