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Re: [IP] anti-pumper doc

At 12:22 PM 7/12/1999  Karen Arena wrote:
>Have any of you ever experienced a doctor who discouraged use of the
>pump?  I am 6 weeks pregnant, and just saw my risk specialist OB today.
>He said he had better luck controlling his patients with mixed insulin
>dosages.  He also advocates the exchange diet over carb-counting.  I am
>not switching off the pump yet -- we're going to see how I do with a
>more strictly-controlled diet -- but I can't say I agree with his
>anti-pump philosophy.  He seems to think the pump is a reactionary
>approach to blood sugars, and not proactive.  This is the opposite of
>what I have always heard.  Do any of you have any thoughts on this?

This type of attitude has been reported once in awhile here. He seems to be 
using this as an excuse not to read-up on the pump and become better 
informed about new methods of diabetes treatment. Carb counting is more 
accurate than the old exchange system. I'd bet that he's probably either 
never heard of the DCCT (1993) or doesn't believe the results. My 
translation: he's either lazy or so rigid that he's unable to learn 
something new!!

The pump is hardly reactionary. It allows better control and a much more 
"normal" life-style for the patient. He obviously has never dealt with 
patients on a pump. We've had a lot of pregnant pumpers on this list... 
hopefully some of them will chime in here.

My answer would be to fire him and get someone that is more into the 
diabetic therapy of the 1990's instead of the 1970's.


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