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re: [IP] MTM and the poor diabetic children

I do feel sorry for my now 11.5 year old son who has had diabetes since he 
was a 15 month old nursing on demand toddler.  This disease is wreaking havoc 
on his precious body minute by minute in the most insidious way - where we 
won't see the damage until the damage is so complete and painful.  I hate 
this disease and I want the world to know that diabetes is not just about 
eating healthy!!!!!  Diabetes is about eating away at my son's body.  Let the 
world wake up and see what diabetes truly is and who it is hurting.  And let 
them acknowledge and direct monies  to brilliant and dedicated researchers 
who CAN cure this disease and rid the world of its scourge.

A moderate estimate shows my son has tested his bg 18,250 times . (His 
teachers complain about his handwriting - I wonder how their writing would 
look after piercing their fingers so many times.)   He took 4,380 insulin 
injections the first 6 years, and now uses the tenders with his pump so we've 
inserted that needle 624 times in the last 4 years.  Is this a way for a 
child to live? (or any human being?)  This coupled with high and low blood 
sugars, children taunting and teasing him as "diabetes boy" etc..  This is a 
disease that can be cured but will only be cured when we RAISE our voices 
loud enough to be heard even by deaf ears.

While I teach my son to be proud and feel positive and  about all he does to 
stay healthy and I praise him up and down daily for how well he takes care of 
himself, I stand equally proud to educate the public about the REALITY of 
life with diabetes and push for funding for a cure and help to raise funds to 
that end.  I also know that I will embrace those other parent advocates with 
hugs of a lifetime when this disease is destroyed and diabetes loses its 
battle against humanity because of our united front.

Ellen H. Ullman
Mom, Advocate for children with diabetes and their parents, Friend, 
<A HREF="http://members.aol.com/CamelsRFun/index.html"> 
</A> aka KidsRPumping.
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