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Re: [IP]Diabetic siezure question

> > But the mom wants to know if
> > there is a difference between the siezures caused by lows and ones
> > caused by epilespsy and I don't know the answer to that one. Help?
> Yes they are different, the epileptic seizure can be described simply 
> as an electrical storm in the brain. Usually there is inappropriate 
> feedback between the two hemispheres and the storm grows out of 
> control disrupting nueral activity. A seizure caused by low blood 
> sugar is the result of depriving the brain of it source of energy. 
> the brain stops working properly and the nervous system is then not 
> under control. Any type of seizure is potentially dangerous and in 
> rare instances may cause death from numerous causes related to 
> failure of various body systems to function properly.
> Michael
> email @ redacted

HI Michael (et al.).

Not to seem critical, but what you've posted above is a description of
the difference in *causes* of the two types of seizure, rather than
differences in the seizures themselves.  I think what the original
poster was looking for, and what I'm interested in now too, is whether
or not there are differences in the seizures themselves (e.g.,
duration, mechanism, etc., etc.).  I'm not even sure what sort of
sort of terms the differences might be described in.

Dave Breeden                                           email @ redacted
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