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[IP] Publicity not always good

I've only been reading this digest for the last month or so.  I've
learned alot of useful information about pumping - I'm starting this
month.  It is discouraging to know that one's frustrations can run so
deep, though I understand the need to vent.  No one understands better -
I am IDDM 22 years, have had three kidney transplants and have a rare
cancer caused by the drugs for transplantation.  I watched my sister
grow older with her diabetes and pass away at the age of 40.  I am not
bitter, but thankful to live in an age where there is at least something
to be done for the problems that I have.  If I were born just a decade
or so before I was, I would have died of renal failure at 16. 
Bitterness and negativity does nothing to heal your soul.  I am hoping
to avoid complications, but I accept that there are some things that are
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