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[IP] (Fwd) E-News 7/13/99

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From:          "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" 
<email @ redacted> Subject:       E-News 7/13/99

An editorial comment by John Colwell, MD, Professor of Medicine,
Medical University of South Carolina on Predictors of Cardiovascular
Disease appeared in Mediguide to Endocrinology (a publication directed
to diabetes specialists four times a year) and settled some old

First, high glucose values were predictive in causing death from heart
disease. The point here is that high glucose alone can cause heart
disease, not just poor control causing secondary metabolic changes
that cause hardening of the arteries.

Second, low good cholesterol (HDL), high cholesterol, high
Triglycerides and high LDL cholesterol predicted early cardiovascular
death. This is the pattern of insulin resistance which is the major
reason for hardening of the arteries in diabetes.

The good news is that all these genetic features are correctable.
Glucose levels can be lowered, blood fat changes can be brought back
to normal and insulin resistance can be decreased. This is very good
news and can help you avoid many complications. This denies that awful
faith, that it is God's will that those with diabetes will eat "all
the wrong things" and cannot avoid the complications. You're in
control. Tell a friend.

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor.
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