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[IP] Study on Lispro (Humalog)

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From:          "Dr. Joe, The Diabetes Doctor" 

An old friend (not that old) R. Keith Campbell, RPh,MBA, CDE wrote in
the Diabetes Educator (Vol. 25, #2, March/April 1999 Page 237-245)
that he has done the studies that we all needed to know about Lispro.
It has long been known that regular insulin will stick to the plastic
of syringes and intravenous solution bags. He did the testing to see
if there is any difference for Lispro Insulin.

Lispro (Humalog insulin, Eli Lilly and Co.) has just two amino acids
reversed from their site in the Regular insulin chain which results in
a faster onset and shorter duration than Regular insulin. Humalog is
therefore more convenient to use, improves a patients' quality of
life, controls glucose levels after meals better, and causes less
severe side effects. It is also effective when treating patients with
severe insulin-antibody-associated resistance.

The answer is that it will stick to the plastic in the same way as
regular insulin does. You need not make any changes when switching to

Dr. Joe, the Diabetes Doctor
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