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Re: [IP] Atheletes On The Pump

> I told them this was unacceptable and supposedly they are trying to
> fit her in earlier.  I'm so frustrated.  However, we are playing
> around with her insulin dosage.  Adjusting it to the #CHO she will
> actually eat.  If I follow the 350 scale, she's 8:1, but we're
> forcing her to eat.  
> I've used 15:1 with good success.  She's using regular, not humalog
> so it's not the greatest way to go, but it's working.  
I don't know if you saw my earlier post, but the "rules of thumb", 
450, 1800, 1500, etc... are only starting points when you don't have 
any other information. Everyone is a little different and the 
estimates produced by these "rules" are off for many people by 2:1 or 
more based on the data I've collected from people on the list that I 
believe have accurate ratios. The various ratio "relationships" 
should be right on because they are mathmatically related, but what 
the absolutes are must be determined for each individual. You can 
watch the pattern of high bg bolus after meals or compensation for 
lows and over and extended period of time, adjust the ratio up and 
down by 1/2 unit increments with good success. Some of the ratios 
can easily be tested directly, such as carb/bg, by eating a glucose 
tablet and checking the results 20 minutes later (fasting or stable 
of course)..

> They got
> really mad at me and said not to pay any attention to the people on
> the mailing list.  Only them.  Personally I'd rather talk to people
> who live day-to-day with DM, not the Dr.s.  

You might ask them for a demonstration of "walking on water" seeing 
as they seem to "know it all".

> The CDE actually told my 12 year old that she would run a HIGH risk
> Indicating she probably shouldn't.  What good is telling a 12 year
> old this?  She's now terrified and swearing off marrage and
> childbirth.  
that is really terrible. I encourage you to write the doctor in 
question a letter with your concerns pointing out the damage done and 
perhaps suggesting that a literature search for the New England 
Journal of Medicine, the NIH, and Medline databases would be in order 
if he is to speak authoritatively on the subject of birth defects and 

> I know this is kind of "out there", but it really upset Tizzy. 

No it is not "out there"!! Your concerns are justifiable and well 
founded. These kinds of comments should never be made 
1) unless they are true and founded in "current" medical 
2) unless it is necessary.

Given the current rapid changes in the understanding of the human 
genetic codes and the rapid advances medical technology, there is no 
excuse for telling a 12 year old something that may not be true in 6 
months or even 6 years.

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