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Re: [IP] A really good day

> God bless you Lily.  What a busy day and How did you ever know what
> to bolus for that sundae?  
I'll try and answer for her, she's on the YIP list. Practice makes 
perfect. She knows that a bowl of icecream (of a certain size) is the 
same as a serving of milk, she does the same kinds of estimates for 
the syrup which she uses at home (carb content on the bottle) and the 
brownies which brother Charlie makes all the time (carbs on the box). 
Her portion size estimates have always been pretty good so she can 
guess real close on almost all foods. Chinese is hard as is pizza, 
but she's getting better at it. Most serving sizes in restruants are 
pretty close to an "exchange" so if you watch the physical size of 
the portion for variation from place to place, you can adjust the 
carb content of your guess accordingly.

For all you "new" carb counters, carry around a photo reduced copy of 
the pages about carb content in the back of Pumping Insulin. You'll 
throw it away after 6 months or a year. Memorize the carb content of 
the most common fast food you eat and remember! any kind of bread you 
can almost always multiply weight by 0.5 to get carbs.  Bagels, 
white bread, muffin's, etc.....   You will rapidly learn to estimate 
weight by looking at the item. Just be consistent and always use a 
scale at home so you have plenty of practice seeing what an item 
looks like and the weight in grams.

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