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Re: [IP] Insurance Problems with Prescriptions - Long

> My questions are:  Who do I write?  The company who does the
> pharmacy part of the policy or the main company.  How best should I
> word my complaints because this a load of garbage?  How can they say
> Humalog is not a preferred drug when there is no alternative to
> actual Humalog?  How can they limit my test strips?

Contact the insurance company. They and/or the pharmacy are not 
allowed to practice medicine. The policy language states that the 
coverage is for a months (or 2 months or whatever) supply. Your 
physician operating in his capacity as LISCENSED by the state 
determines what those supply requirements are supposed to be, not the 
insurance company. The insurance is contractually bound to supply 
what is prescribed. If you do not get satisfaction by talking to a 
supervisor, ask for the name and telephone number of the Medical 
Director for the insurance company. Take you complaint to him/her. 
The next stop is the state insurance commissioners office and the 
press. Probably would not hurt to copy your local representives 
office with any correspondence.

WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. Everyone's name you talk to, their phone 
numbers, the dates, etc....

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