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Re: [IP] basal testing

> I did the right thing? Here were my past and current basal
> profiles.before the change on 6-23-99 it was12am-4am 0.5 ,4am-9am
> 0.8,9am-1pm 0.4,1pm-12am0.6.  It changed on 6-23-99 to12am-4am 0.5,
> 4am-9am 0.8, 9am-1pm0.4,1pm-5pm0.6, 5pm-7pm 0.7, 7pm-12am 0.6, it
> changed on 6-28-99 to 12am-4am 0.5,4am-9am 0.8, 9am-5pm 0.5,5pm-7pm
> 0.7, 7pm-12am 0.6 and today 12am-4am0.5, 4am-9am 0.8, 9am--5pm0.5,
> 5pm-6pm 0.7, 6pm-12am 0.6.
>   Ive been tweaking and checking since January and have yet to get
>   it

Everyone will fluctuate a little. If it were my daughter, I would 
advise her to drop the 1 hour rate from 5 to 6 pm and simply back up 
the start time of her 6 pm rate to 4 or 4:30. The difference of 
.1u/hr for an hour on a day to day basis is much too tight.

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