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[IP] MTM and the poor diabetic children

As a PR professional, I know how to tell a sob story,... and what triggers a
response.  It is the poor little kid living with this terrible disease.  And
since so much money going to JDF goes to support a cure for D., I can't
Let me give you an analogy, last night my local TV news reported on 8
kittens (about 6 weeks old) left abandoned at a condo.  They said the public
was welcome to call to adopt them.  Well, they got hundreds of phone calls
for these 8 kittens.  And yet there are hundreds of kittens in every shelter
across the country who never get adopted.  And it's all because the general
public only thinks about issues like abandoned kittens and diabetes when
someone wants to make it a warm, fuzzy (or pathetic) news story.
I hit up friends and relatives for JDF support by reminding them that I've
taken more than 25,000 injections and that next year I will hit that
milestone --- age 50 --- at which I was expected to die.  I have no qualms
about appealing to that side of human nature.  And if we want to cure this
thing, we better get used to doing whatever the public wants to make them
open their wallets.

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