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Re: [IP]Diabetic siezure question

>I was asked a question that I don't know the answer for.
>Is a siezure from a hypo different than a siezure caused by epilepsy.

That one I can't answer, since I am not a doctor.  But I have had a 
few seizures myself.  One of my seizures I had at a friends house,
whose mother found me and brought me out of it.  She also had a 
epileptic son who had grandmal seizures and she told me if she
hadn't known better she would have thought I was epileptic.  Then
again, it isn't so much the disease but the "seizure" itself that
made her say that.  So the trigger may be different but the seizure 
is the same?

>A young woman (college age) had a siezure in the middle of the night and
>after the siezure was over her roomate told her she had a sieuzre.  She
>took her BG it was 54 or 52. (cannot remember which one) she took some
>glucotabs. She takes 3 shots a day  last shot at 10 PM.In my opinion that 
>last shot may be causing her to go low. Any ideas?

This was my schedule too, and now I am on 4 shots and use Humalog
of Regular.  However, it can be a number of factors.  My biggest problem
wan't the 3rd shot, (I took NPH at bedtime), but of the R I took with
Sometimes the R would take longer to peak and overlap the NPH I took
at bedtime.  This was why I would crash during the nite (3am-6am). 
Also, I have always needed a small bedtime snack, the best fix
being an 8oz glass of skim milk.  The protein seemed to keep my
bgs in check.  Skip the milk and I almost always had a nighttime low. 
for your friend it might be either too much insulin, not enough food, or 
wrong type of insulin.  

>I am going to email her mom back and tell her about the pump. It
>seems there needs to be some adjusting with shots or snack or something.
>I don't understand taking a shot that late at night. BTW her low took place
>at 2 AM. But the mom wants to know if there is a difference between the siezures
>caused by lows and ones caused by epilespsy and I don't know the answer to
>that one. Help?

The pump may be the best choice.  Still trying to get mine, but I am out
of college now.  Graduated last year.  Wish someone tried to convince me 
to go on one before I went to college, it might have saved me from some
bad lows.  Best of luck to your friend and her mother.  Like with the
pump, MDI often needs a little tweaking.  

-- Sherry
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