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Re: [IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

    YES YES YES, I recall at a ADA meeting many yrs. ago where people where
saying  no you can't show all the bad things that can happen to a diabetic
to the PUBLIC OR MAYBE TO THE DIABETIC TOO.  Yes you can you must show tell
everyone .........to many people think "you are a diabetic you will be ok if
you take your pill or shot.......Can you eat THAT"  BULL!!!! I know of to
many people who do take care of themselves but this da** thing called DM is
killing them some times slowly a piece at a time or BAM your dead.  I fight
everyday every minute to live, but I know that I'm not winning the fight but
I will kept on fighting the war until I die. THANKS TO YOU and many other
IP'ers and my innocent friends who send give me support love let me VENT
every now and then...
So remember to............................................................
            SMILE AND BE HAPPY
>    Sorry but I beg to differ VEHEMENTLY! Those "let's send money to help
>poor pathetic diabetic children" letters (as you described them) were a
>factor in helping the Philadelphia JDF chapter to raise $1.2 MILLION last
>September, of which my daughter's family team raised $22,000. This year
. Sorry to pounce on
>you, but THIS Mother Bear comes roaring out of the woods whenever she hears
>people objecting to publicity about the "real deal" on diabetes...And
>MTM has been a gracious, devoted partner to JDF for years now, including
>taking the time to pose with every one of the 100 children at the
>Congress in Washington last month for candid photos. That one event did
>than any other to generate interested inquiries in our local JDF office, so
>please be careful where you're casting aspersions.
>Regards, Renee (who apologizes for ranting...time to go get back in my cage

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