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[IP] sites with swimming

I have a MM 507C and over the fourth of July i went
swimming.  I disconnected and figured i woudl just
test often, things went well--except one thing.  Well,
( i canged my site on the 3rd(set 1))the morning of
the 4th, i checked out my site and there was blood in
the cannula (soft-set QR), so i changed the site (set
2).  When i got to my brother-in-law's house (with the
pool) before i even got my suit on, the tape was
loose.  SO, knowing I woudl go swimming i tacked it
down with tape, in all directions.  I waited about an
hour or so, so the tape would no doubt be stuck. 
Within in 20 minutes of being in the water--actually
mostly on a raft, not only was tape unstuck, but hte
site was OUT.  So i figured why freak about it, take
it out wipe it off, and go back swimming (i was not
getting any insulin anyways)--and checking often.  So
then i had to insert a new site again (set 3 in 2
days) and pass on swimming htat evening, because that
was my backup set.  The rest were about an hour away.

Now, i know i did right by keep on changing my set.
Until one stuck without blood in the cannula.  but
right now i am unemployed and really cannot afford to
be changing my site 3 times in 2 days, and a simple
thing is to not go swimming.  I like to swim.  In our
new place, we have a swimming pool on the grounds (we
rent).  I just bought soem tegaderm-- i went to King's
Island Amusement park with Water rides adn i have been
using that and it seems to have stuck.  But htere is a
difference between riding on a ride and swimming in a
pool.  I was curious what others have done to
compensate.  Please email me at my email address-- i
am hardly able to check the site.


22 y/o
pumper 6 mos/ dx 14 yrs
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