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[IP] Pump misbehaving

Last night I had one hypo after another. I checked my boluses for the 
previous day and all was in order.   At 3:00AM my bg was 38.  More glucose 
tabs and a check of my one basal rate.  It should have been  0.4 and it read 
1.0.  I corrected this and ate more glucose while my husband walked me 
through the pump check.  It  read ok.    Minimed is having me send the pump 
back because we can't figure out what happened.  This is a 507 and is a 
little over one year old.  It occasionaly jump screens when I bolus after 
taking it out of the leather case with the protective window.   
Has anyone ever experienced an unexplained increase in basal rate ?  
I usually check my basal rate before going to bed but last night I didn't, so 
I didn't even go near that  screen!  
My CDE never heard of this happening, but wants me to keep on pumping 
anyways while waiting for the loaner pump.   I'm not a happy camper today 

Denise Guerin
Type 1- 45 years
pumping since May 1998
off Humalog and pumping Humalin R for last two months.
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