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[IP] Atheletes On The Pump

I've been successful with putting it in my sports bra at times, but I guess 
you don't have that advantage! Ha! 

Lily removes hers for all sports and swimming.
The danger is to the OTHER player if there is a collision with the pump and 
the wrong part of their body. Besides, it's inconvenient.
email @ redacted 

I have played roller hockey in the past and I would do 2 things mainly one is 
to either disconnect for the game or wear the pump in either the small of the 
back or in the front right at the belly button I would also have it in a hard 
Brian Carter

Michael, Karen, Betsy, and Brian,

Thanks for your response to my post. I have found that it is much more 
dangerous to disconnect from the pump due to the intensity of the sport. My 
Bg can really soar high during the early stages of the game and also, I tend 
to prepare my replenishment fluid with Gatorade-type fluids and I need 
insulin to utilize this glucose. I check my Bg frequently before during and 
after each game, but especially during. I usually need a temp basil increase 
before and during the 1st half of the game and then a basil decrease the 2nd 
half and beyond.

As far as wearing the pump, I have a neoprene-type cover that adds padding 
from any impact. I'm not concerned with damaging the pump, as I'm confident 
in it's durability (Brian's game saving "Takes a shot and still hits the 
spot" experience should be a good advertising play), and Karen, how do you 
know I don't (just kiddin')! The pump is an intrical and necessary part of my 
equipment. It deserves an MVP award! 
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