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[IP] Denise's basal rates

Since Denise doesn't seem to have replied about her  temporary basal
rate when she went to the doc, I thought I'd jump in.

I was about to send a similar reply to that which many people have
sent, ie "if you had to cut down your basal when fasting then it must
have been too high".

Then I read her message again, and I think what she meant was this.
Her doctor reduced her basal rate when she saw him, since he thought it was too high.
But Denise's temp. basal rate she had set was BEFORE the doc's appt,
ie before she had cut down her basal rates. So, the temp. basal rate
she had set (which worked perfectly), was the same rate as what the
doc told her to cut down to, and which presumably she is now on as a
permanent rate. 
So, she was right and the doc was right and everyone's happy.


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