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[IP] Insurance Problems With Prescriptions - Long

In a note dtd 7/10/1999, Leslie wrote - My questions are:  Who do I write?  
The company who does the pharmacy part of the policy or the main company.  
How best should I word my complaints because this a load of garbage?  How can 
they say Humalog is not a preferred drug when there is no alternative to 
actual Humalog?  How can they limit my test strips?

Do you have a mail order prescription plan?  I know with my plan, they want 
you to run recurring prescriptions through the mail order service.  In either 
case, sounds like you will need a letter from the doctor stating why you need 
this many test strips and Humalog (no substitutions).  Even Medicare allows 
more test strips than the norm with a letter of necessity from the doctor.  I 
hope this helps.  Insurance problems can be so frustrating.  

Meshell Lavina
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