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Re: [IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

Diabetes is not a disease to make light of. My aunt who had diabetes took
good care of herself..yet it took her eyesight and one day 4 yrs ago she
broke one of her baby toes on a Friday and couldn't get into doc until
Monday. By then gangerne set in and her baby toes was amputated. The
infection continued in spite of antibiotics and then the rest of her toes
were amputated. Then the infection went up to her knee and they amputated
from knee down..yet it spread and they amputated from her hip to knee and
then the whole other leg and yet the infection continued and she suffered
horribly for 3 weeks before she died.
My grandfather lost a kidney to this disease and he died from vascular
problems from D.
My mom went blind in one eye and 2 yrs ago had a triple by pass because the
diabetes made her vessels brittle and they curled and blocked (and mom
never had high cholesterol) The heart surgeon could not fix her heart
completely so mom is living on borrowed time.
Her vessels looked like corkscrews from the diabetes.
In my observations coming from people I love diabetes IS a nasty disease. I
know many poeple who have diabetes who take excellent care of themsleves
yet the silent things happen. I hope no one has to go through any suffering
but with diabetes we never know what road things will take.
in my own case I am doing everything I can but diabetes is an auto-immune
disease and it is known that other auto-immune diseases come along with it
and I have quite a few of them. It isn;t easy..it isn't fun...and one never
knows what diabetes is doing to us inside until we start spilling protien
and find out  the kidneys are shot..or one day our vision is funny and we
find out we are losing our sight. Or we have a heart attack...
We aren't going to live forever however diabetes doesn;t help add any years
to our life,
Off my soap...

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