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Re: [IP] How much fat is too much?

Susan, you've hit on a topic about which even the medical professional
can't agree (so what else is new?)
Yes, the fat mixed with CHO will delay the absorption, but there's a lot of
anecdotal evidence that  if you bolus precisely for the CHO, even taking
into consideration the delay, you may still go high several hours later.
This is a very variable phenomenon (YMMV as we say), even within an
individual.  There is very little practical information known about the
role of insulin in fat cell metabolism.  I've always thought of testing
myself, just eating a tub of whipped cream cheese for breakfast  to see how
the BGs were later on.  But i never seem to be able to pass up the bagel
:-).  You've got to just try things. I eat peanut butter often, and it is a
perfect food for diabetic (as long as your LDLs are not in the
stratosphere).  Why would you not eat something you seem to love?  Just eat
it,  measure your BGs every 2 h, so you know what and when to bolus  next
	Bottom line answer:  Fat has never been free, but with a pump its a
whole lot easier to figure where you're going and pay the fare.

>>>>>>>>>I'm a 45 yr old Type I diabetic (dxed 1964) who was on MDI for 17
until I started pumping a month ago. For YEARS I believed fats were free,
and so ladled butter on my limited potatoes, put good olive oil on salads,
etc. At night, when I got the munchies, I ate peanuts, or some other nuts,
without a care. Now, after reading Pumping Insulin, I learn that what I ate
with such carefree abandon can raise my BG hours later, in the middle of the
night! Which seems, from my numbers, to be true.
But I'm curious: how much fat in a dinner is too much fat? I've found myself
skipping salad dressing now, afraid of middle-of-the night highs. And I
don't dare touch peanut butter, which makes me sad.
Also: Does the fat DELAY the effect of the carbs? Or does it increase
resistence to mid-of-the-night insulin? Or what?
My bottom line question, I guess: Is any fat free anymore?

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