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Re: [IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

    Sorry but I beg to differ VEHEMENTLY! Those "let's send money to help the 
poor pathetic diabetic children" letters (as you described them) were a major 
factor in helping the Philadelphia JDF chapter to raise $1.2 MILLION last 
September, of which my daughter's family team raised $22,000. This year 
Melissa's goal is to raise $25,000 and our chapter's goal is for $1.5 
million. Before you throw the "baby out with the bathwater, I'd suggest you 
read my 1999 WALK letter which I'll be sending out to over 500 people in a 
few weeks & which I'm now e-mailing to you directly. Not only does it explain 
WHY people should be donating to JDF since it gives 84% of all funds raised 
to research, but it also mentions my 51 yr old physician cousin who died last 
year from complications, leaving his 2 sons orphaned; it also mentions the 
JDF Chairman of the Board, John McDonough, who happens to be the CEO of 
Rubbermaid & who, after 50 yrs of diabetes & having always cared properly for 
himself, nonethless had his leg amputated from an infection a year ago. Add 
to that, the fact that because she's just unfortunately predisposed to have a 
"leaky kidney", my teenaged daughter was put on ACE inhibitors 2 years ago 
which reduced her protein output from an appalling 2000 mgs in a 24 hour 
collection to a tolerable 300 mgs most recently. The use of ACE inhibitors & 
their amazingly beneficial effects was substantitated by JDF-financed 
research studies.  Yes, it's wonderful that you're living a great, healthy 
life IN SPITE OF diabetes, but the problem with this paradoxical disease is 
that the non-diabetic population sees ONLY that aspect & consequently doesn't 
realize the inexorable damage that diabetes is doing INVISIBLY inside of 
diabetics like my daughter or my cousin or John McDonough. Sorry to pounce on 
you, but THIS Mother Bear comes roaring out of the woods whenever she hears 
people objecting to publicity about the "real deal" on diabetes...And lastly, 
MTM has been a gracious, devoted partner to JDF for years now, including 
taking the time to pose with every one of the 100 children at the Children's 
Congress in Washington last month for candid photos. That one event did more 
than any other to generate interested inquiries in our local JDF office, so 
please be careful where you're casting aspersions. 

Regards, Renee (who apologizes for ranting...time to go get back in my cage 
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