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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V3 #275

<< Does the fat DELAY the effect of the carbs?>>

Where did you ever get the idea fat was free? One gram of fat has 9
One gram of carb or protein has 4 calories. You don't need to bolus for fats
because they slow down absorption of carbs and proteins. !00% of carbs
convert to glucose, 50% of protein converts to glucose, and 10% of fat
converts to glucose.  The more fat you eat, the more calories you consume.
you don't want to gain weight from fats, then you have 2 choices: burn them
off with exercise or cut down on the intake. Now, you could replace all
fats with other foods and have twice as much intake, but if the extra food
equals the amount of fat calories, you will also gain weight. Sounds like
need to be working with a dietician.  I don't think you need to give up on
all of the fats, you need some to make hormones and lubricate your joints,
and to absorb those fat soluble vitamins.
Barbara B.

I guess I misspoke. I never thought fats were calorie-free, but I thought I
didn't have to cover them w/ insulin. I am at or under weight, so that's not
the problem. I'm just curious why a well-counted dinner (with specific
carbs, but lots of fat) would shoot me so high the next morning. And why a
tablespoon of peanut butter would raise me 50-60 pts, all by its lonesome

Perhaps it's your explanation that 10 percent of the fat in anything will
eventually turn into glucose. So there's no problem with fats increasing
insulin resistance???

Yes, I shoiuld be working w/ a dietician, but couldn't get an appt for 6
weeks! I feel early support on the pump has been defective for me, and I
guess for many of us -- but that's another thread.


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