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Re: [IP] With the pump, most things are possible.....

   Yet another post that should be reprinted & laminated for those stubborn 
ped endos who think pre-teens can't handle the pump. Not only is YOUR 
relationship with your pre-teen child enhanced by being able to allow her the 
freedom to LIVE a "normal" life, but SHE is gaining essential life-skills, 
knowing she can rely upon herself. This is a chilling contrast to another 
family I met whose 12 year old daughter has NEVER given herself a shot! That 
means Mom has to stop by, if she ever sleeps over a friend's house, to 
administer the bedtime shot. Also means Mom has to go along on school trips, 
Girl Scout functions, etc. When we told the family about Melissa & her pump 
and the freedom it affords her, the mother visibly cringed. Meanwhile, the 
daughter was moping around the social function we were all attending, feeling 
awful, I should think, from her bg of 500!!!....The dad is a physician & 
would consider the pump, but Mom's convinced everyone the daughter could 
NEVER handle it....methinks the Mommy doth protest too much!!!....Hmmm, maybe 
I should print out your post Sue & mail it to her!!!

Regards, Renee ( who still remembers when Amy first started pumping & is 
THRILLED how well she and YOU have done!! BRAVO!!!)
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