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Re: [IP] Stomach really the only site?/swimming with pump

I don't know how old your daughter is, but I am an adult and I also wear a 
one-piece Speedo-type suit to swim laps.  I use a sport belt with my 
disetronic pump.  It is made for the water, but it is also good with all 
sporting activities.  It has a snap closure so I never worry about it coming 
off.  Although, when I jumped off a high dive, it did give me a scare, but it 
did stay on.  I would suggest taking the pump off for high dive jumps.  You 
also have to get the neoprene cover for the pump.  This goes on the belt and 
comes in different colors.  I wear this belt around the waist.  Whether your 
daughter is embarrassed or comfortable with the pump will make a difference 
here.  I am very comfortable with the pump exposed, but I am 48 years old.  I 
have teenage children and I understand that this might be a problem for some 
young people.

When I was 10  I was on a swim team, but I had to quit by 12 because of so 
many lows and highs.  It really devastated me at the time.  Of course, that 
was back in the '60s when urine testing was the only thing available.

Good luck with the pump and I am thrilled that children can do more today 
because of new technology.  I hope your daughter swims GREAT this year.  ellen

P.S.  I have a poster over my computer of the swimmer, Matt Biondi(I would 
rather have the picture of Amy Van Dyken, but I didn't have a choice).  It 
says "Victory is what happens when ten-thousand hours of training meet with 
one moment of opportunity."
THAT is what is involved in competitive swimming.
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