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[IP] Re: (IP) Tearing my hair out


It is too soon to be eating out with your current regimen. Most people don't 
have to stick to a set amount of carbs per day, but that is another way to 
fine tune quickly. Eating out is too much of a guessing game at this point 
because of the hidden carbs and fats, and it is impossible to measure the 
food amounts unless you take your own measuring utensils. Not to mention the 
varaibles with the food preparation and the glycemic index. I am not saying 
you can't eat out! It is more of a challenge at this point. You probably 
needed to square wave or dual wave (MM) or temporary basal increase (Dis). 
These features are a bit more advanced when you don't have the basals and 
bolus ratios set. Hang in...it will improve.
Barbara B. 
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