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[IP] RE: (IP) too much fat

<< So can you recommend a book to help please.. thanks alot for your
help even though it wasn't intended for me>>

For basic info:  Pumping Insulin has a chapter about Carbohydrate counting. 
MM and Dis both hav booklets you can purchase. The ADA exchange list is also 
Bread, and fruit servings each ahve 15 grams per serving size. Milk servings 
= 12 gms. Some people refer to 1 carb as 1, 15 gram serving. That is just 
another way to quickly count up your total carb servings instead of the total 
grams per serving. 
See also the book store for this web site, and the How To section for more on 
carb counting. Good luck.
Barbara B.
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