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[IP] Re: publicity is not always good and Mary Tyler Moore

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] publicity not always good

You go, girl!  I could not agree more with your points about the article in Weekend.

> > It is especially useful ..... for women who want to get pregnant or
> > lose weight.
> So....once again the media is implying that only women want, and need, to
> lose weight, is that it?  heh heh - i am SUCH a feminist aren't I??

Yes, thank god.  As if what we want to focus on is the pump's usefulness in weight loss!!  Gimme
a break.

> MARY TYLER MOORE UNDERGOES VITAL SURGERY...While it ended with excellent details and factual
> information, it was the sensationalization that GRABBED the reader....OH MY GOD POOR MTM!!!

On the flip side, though, remember those lame letters from her that used to come via JDF?  All
this garbage about this poor little kid who was SUFFERING with diabetes and had such a TRAGIC
life and couldn't lead a NORMAL life because of this disease, and couldn't you send in some money
to make things right?  I think we have to strike a balance somewhere.  As a diabetic who lives a
damn happy life and works really hard to make it so, I am offended by propaganda like that.  I
don't want people to read that and assume that my life is tragic, and I certainly don't want some
eight year old to read it and assume her life will be!  I have to say, as much of an inspiration
as Mary Tyler Moore has been to a lot of people, I wish she would back off on that sappy
let's-send-money-to-the-poor- pathetic-diabetic-children crap.

That's how I feel.


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