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Re: [IP] IP email filing

At 09:47 AM 7/11/1999  William Bartram wrote:
>I have a question on how everyone is filing their IP Emails?  What I have 
>done is when an email comes in it is automatically sent to a file I named 
>"Pump" , then after about a month of receiving the emails I move it to a 
>file under Pump called History, where I can search for answers that have 
>already been addressed.  My file is getting kinda large, is this similar 
>how you all do it?

I have all my current email auto-filtered into a folder called "Pumpers". I 
read them and delete them. (I have another folder called "Pumpers Saved" 
just in case I want to save a special message). If I ever need to search an 
older response, I can always go on the web-site and locate it. They have a 
file that archives all of the messages going back to 1997. No use 
duplicating this file on my own computer. I automatically save copies of 
all my responses to the list... I weed through this about every 6-8 months.


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