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[IP] The sad tale of a naked Silhouette

After reading a lot of the responses here, I decided to try a naked 
Silhouette, with no IV3000 in between. For me, bad news!!! Within 6 hours I 
suddenly realized that it had fallen off and I was feeling really rotten. 
My BG's were already skyrocketing above 390. Granted that it was hot and I 
was sweating... but, this situation had never bothered me using the IV3000.

I had prepped the site first with Hibiclens and then with IV-prep, just 
like I always do. So, I don't think my technique was faulty. Oh well... 
just goes to show you how true the YMMV thing really is.

(My moral to the story: never snuggle up to a naked Silhouette unless 
you've been properly introduced). <vbg>

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