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[IP] Kathie

I am told to have my three meals a day to each consist of 4 carb servings and 
2 snacks of which each is to consist of 1 carb serving.

6  tbs of dry oatmeal = 2 carb servings each serving is based on 15 carb 
2 6oz peaches = 2 carb servings each 

this makes up my four carb serving brkfst.  My ratio is 1 unit to 20 carb 
grams.  My brkfst = 60 carb grams.  I deviled 20 into the 60 and I know to 
take 3 units for brkfst.  

When I have a 15 grams snk, perhaps a 4oz apple, I deviled 20 in to 15 and I 
know to take .07units to cover the snack.

It is not so clear when I find myself in the Chinese or Italian restaurant.  
Based on the above info how could one eat a four carb meal or 60 carb gram 
meal in either restaurant?

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