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[IP] Tearing my hair out over carb counting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being that I just started on the pump, they have me on a set carb diet for 
each meal so they then can regulate my insulin needs and therefore know how 
to set my basal and bolus rate.  When I say a carb serving, I mean 15 grams 
equal on carb serving.  They don't care what makes up those 15 grams.  It 
could be oatmeal, bread, rice.  They just want the food intake to stay the 
same in the beginning so they can get my insulin needs set up right.  I am 
currently on 1 unit of insulin for 20 grams carb.  My brkfst consists of 4 
carb servings equaling 60 grams so I divide the 20 into the 60 and I know to 
take 3 units.  I do this at brkfst, lunch and dinner.  A snk at 3:00 PM and 
9:30pm is 15grams.  20 grams divided into 15 grams  I know to take.07units to 
cover each snack.  I need help with this when I go out to eat.  What does 
someone eat in an Italian restaurant or Chinese restaurant that equals 60 
grams carbs?  Once they get these values figured out, that is basals and 
bolus straightened out, I will be able to eat what I want when I want if I 
ever learn how to correctly count carbs.  I have only been on the pump since 
last Thursday.


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