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Re: [IP] RE: (IP) how much fat is too much

Well you really taught me something I can not find a dietitian and I am
wanting to learn more about carbs and fats and everything else do you know a
book I can get some of that info from it would really help I am sick of
playing the guessing game and my doctor really doesn't tell me much about
carbs he just keeps telling me to find a dietitian which my insurance will
not cover. So can you recommend a book to help please.. thanks alot for your
help even though it wasn't intended for me hahaha.. thats the  great thing
about this web site......
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Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 8:29 PM
Subject: [IP] RE: (IP) how much fat is too much

><< Does the fat DELAY the effect of the carbs?>>
>Where did you ever get the idea fat was free? One gram of fat has 9
>One gram of carb or protein has 4 calories. You don't need to bolus for
>because they slow down absorption of carbs and proteins. !00% of carbs
>convert to glucose, 50% of protein converts to glucose, and 10% of fat
>converts to glucose.  The more fat you eat, the more calories you consume.
>you don't want to gain weight from fats, then you have 2 choices: burn them
>off with exercise or cut down on the intake. Now, you could replace all
>fats with other foods and have twice as much intake, but if the extra food
>equals the amount of fat calories, you will also gain weight. Sounds like
>need to be working with a dietician.  I don't think you need to give up on
>all of the fats, you need some to make hormones and lubricate your joints,
>and to absorb those fat soluble vitamins.
>Barbara B.
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