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[IP] With the pump, most things are possible.....

  For many people on the pump, you have already discovered the joy of the 
freedom it gives you. As the parent of a preteen (but not much longer!) on 
the pump, it gives me great joy to watch Amy do all she does, eat what she 
wants, and then some!! She survived diabetes camp -- remember I said she 
wasn't going to let them run her high? Well, she had only 1 high and that was 
a post sight change high, and 2 lows. We are very happy with that! 
 She is now detasselling, something I know I would not have allowed her to do 
on MDI. It involves 12 hour days, walking up and down row upon row of corn, 
picking off the tassels. There is 1 half hour lunch break, and frequent water 
breaks, but still, all day long, away from home at age 12, working -- no 
way!! Today was her 4th day -- her lowest bgs was a 78 today, which she just 
popped glucose tabs in her mouth as she went along. I can truly say she is 
learning to live life to the fullest with her pump, even if it is an 
exhausting, muddy fullest!!
  Next Sunday she is off for a week at church camp, also a 1st for her. I 
will call in advance, just to make them aware of her needs. This one I'm a 
bit nervous about, but Amy has shown great maturity and self discipline, that 
it's the others I'm more concerned about!! What a great feeling!!

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