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[IP] re(IP) it's getting better (NOT!)

 <<eating meals I don't like and are not hungry for and chasing lows 
with smarties candies or some other junk.  There has to be more in life than 
diabetes and food.  Sorry I am a crab but I am worn out with all this.>>

Sounds like your basal rates are too high. Have you tested basal rates yet? 
It is OK not to be perfect. Keep doing the best you can until you can get the 
basals adjusted. Italian meals with lots of pasta might need a square wave  
bolus, or a split dual wave bolus. Your correction factor for high BGs might 
also be too high if you go low after correcting the high. Hang in there. 
Don't let frustration interfere with your BG control. Call your team in the 
AM and tell them what is happening with your BG control.
Barbara B.  
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