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Re: [IP] How much fat is too much?

Not much is fat free except stuff like cabbage,red or green, radishes,
carrots i think and a few other veg. you can get that info either from your
doctor or the place you got your pump from . I know it sounds horrible but
its really not you can pretty much snack on fruits as long as you look up
the carb count on them and weigh them and take a bolus for them just
experiment that is what I am doing its not as hard as it sounds I have been
on the pump for only a month and a half and already I have lost 10pds and I
don't starve myself I am a little over weight but I am doing my best and the
pump really helps I feel alot better to I have more energy. so don't give up
just experiment with food if you want some nuts then eat them and test your
blood if it goes to high then next time take a little bolus and keep trying
that we can do it thats what I have to keep telling myself...GOOD LUCK
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Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 7:36 PM
Subject: [IP] How much fat is too much?

>I'm a 45 yr old Type I diabetic (dxed 1964) who was on MDI for 17 years
>until I started pumping a month ago. For YEARS I believed fats were free,
>and so ladled butter on my limited potatoes, put good olive oil on salads,
>etc. At night, when I got the munchies, I ate peanuts, or some other nuts,
>without a care. Now, after reading Pumping Insulin, I learn that what I ate
>with such carefree abandon can raise my BG hours later, in the middle of
>night! Which seems, from my numbers, to be true.
>But I'm curious: how much fat in a dinner is too much fat? I've found
>skipping salad dressing now, afraid of middle-of-the night highs. And I
>don't dare touch peanut butter, which makes me sad.
>Also: Does the fat DELAY the effect of the carbs? Or does it increase
>resistence to mid-of-the-night insulin? Or what?
>My bottom line question, I guess: Is any fat free anymore?
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