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[IP] basal testing

I have been testing my basals again and tweaking the rates a little.
Back on 6-23-99 I  started checking late afternoon to early evening.  At
7 PM each time I would show a rise of around 30 pts so I raised my rate
from 0.6 at 5pm -7pm to 0.7. All looked well and then I checked again a
few days later when I  started going low each afternoon.  It looked as
if I would drop a few points an hour and really drop at 6pm.  I went all
the way back to my 1pm change and lowered myself from )0.6 to 0.5. I was
also rising in the morning some w/o me having a chance to check basals
there I just raised the rate to the same as the 1pm rate, again all was
ok.  Over the last week  I've been dropping really low through the
evening so I checked tonight. All was fine until 8pm and I had a thirty
point drop so I went ahead and dropped the 0.7 at 6pm-7pm to 0.6  I was
wondering if I did the right thing? Here were my past and current basal
profiles.before the change on 6-23-99 it was12am-4am 0.5 ,4am-9am
0.8,9am-1pm 0.4,1pm-12am0.6.  It changed on 6-23-99 to12am-4am 0.5,
4am-9am 0.8, 9am-1pm0.4,1pm-5pm0.6, 5pm-7pm 0.7, 7pm-12am 0.6, it
changed on 6-28-99 to 12am-4am 0.5,4am-9am 0.8, 9am-5pm 0.5,5pm-7pm 0.7,
7pm-12am 0.6 and today 12am-4am0.5, 4am-9am 0.8, 9am--5pm0.5, 5pm-6pm
0.7, 6pm-12am 0.6.
  Ive been tweaking and checking since January and have yet to get it
right My numbers aren't awful but  I do tend to fluctuate. Just when I
think it is all right it changes again for some reason. My questions are
is this normal? and Did I do the right thing making these changes and
should I continue? Will this madness ever get better? Oh by the way I am
getting the steroid shot in my triiger finger on thursday so you all be
thinking of me I am such a wimp and worry about my basals especilly
since it was so awful after that allergic reaction and getting steroids
by IV. Sheila

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